Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Best Natural Beauty Products to try this Season

With new season at a doorstep, it's time for prepping our skincare routines to suit upcoming months of changeable weather, to make sure we can keep healthy supple skin, be it during colder temperatures or windy days. Here at Pamper Point, we dabbed, applied, lathered up and rubbed a few exciting natural beauty products that we can't wait to tell you about.

This light textured but rich in skin renewing ingredients will satisfy even the most demanding skincare routines out there, when it comes to after summer care, holiday tan maintenance or deep moisturising, this cream delivers all that. It created a serious buzz around our office, a must try if you are on the look out for a night cream right now.

Luxuriously soothing body wash working on your skin and the senses in a holistic way brought an unanimous wave of positive reviews within our team. Its liquid honey texture and powerful aroma of Lemon Balm, Neroli and Ylang Ylang delivered a desired effect of inner peace and sensual content. The skin felt silkier as well. Without a question, one of the best body washes out there in terms of quality and benefits.

As you know, at Pamper Point we take body care even more seriously than face care. This season, be sure to try this spectacular balsam by Rahua. Everything about this silky lotion is right up there, from ease of application,softening and smoothing, through to visible skin toning effect. The formula packs a punch by blending exotic actives like the unique Ungurahua Oil, Sacha Inci, Palo Santo, Japanese Honesuckle, altogether they create a serious recovery treatment for sun damaged and aged skin. WEfound it on NATURISIMO.COM and we're totally obsessed.

It is so difficult to find that perfect day cream that works for specific skin type, keeps the skin fresh and is suitable under a make up too. Pamper Point discovered all that in this carefully formulated Ila Spa Day Cream. Impressive results after just one application, where instant radiance is revealed together with skin's immediate comfort of deep nourishment without the heaviness of a regular rich cream. We found it trying to look for a moisturiser that would be more than a sunflower oil based emollient spruced up with a few essential oils. Ils Spa Day Cream is a masterpiece of all skincare formulations we have ever come across. Hero ingredients - Rosa Damascena Leaf Cel Extract, Wild Grown Rosehip Seed and Cactus Oil. Discover ILA SPA HERE

Soft gourmet fragrance with notes of honeysuckle, rose and lily of the valley wrapped in an enveloping accord of vanilla. I can't praise this one enough for its lasting powers, unadulterated scent extracted from 88% of  natural sources that lifts both senses and the spirit in an instant. Available in full range from MYPURE.COM

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Raw, Organic Pana Chocolate Review - Featuring Three Flavours that will Blow You Away.

How about some revelations from raw foods category? It is not often that I actually write about snacks and treats but on this occasion I had to make an exception. That's because I have had the privilege to taste some of the healthiest chocolates ever created, guilt free, organic, gluten free, vegan, with no added sugar selection of goodness from Pana Chocolate. Out of two boxes of exciting flavours I selected three that tasted exceptionally delicious and original. 

My very first time with this exhilarating combination of sweet and spicy flavours got me to rethink what a chocolate should taste like. This is nothing like I have tried before, made me go back for seconds and a 45g bar disappearing in one sitting. With 50% of raw cocoa, this is a serious antioxidant and magnesium injection to the body.

If I had to pick just one flavour from the range, it would be this balanced and smooth mix of 60% raw cocoa solids, sour cherry with vanilla beans. Even the most demanding connoisseurs will appreciate this velvety texture and addictive richness of this variety. Sent my palates to chocolatey heaven. Must try, especially if you are looking for new healthier option of a very satisfying dessert.

Mint has always been my least favourite flavour to be blended in with  chocolate but in this case, indulgent yet refreshing sensations are everything but off putting. With my afternoon cup of coffee, this bar created a seriously energising duo. It had a mood boosting effect on me too. Only half a 45g  bar at a  time and I was rearing to do the up hill sprint intervals too. Check it out if you are in need of a physical pick me up.

Natural Organic Beauty Products with Tamanu Oil you haven't discovered yet

As Tamanu Oil is becoming more and more popular amongst natural skincare makers, I decided to check what products are there on the markets that include Tamanu Oil and what they  can do to our skin. The list comprises products from all parts of the world and of course, they all fall into natural and organic category.

With Chilean Rosehip, Tamanu and Red Clover. Tamanu is within this formula for its restorative properties especially ability to new skin  tissue production.

Fomulated with Tamanu as a main hair moisturising ingredient. For all hair types. 

Tamanu to treat acne by balancing sebum production. 

Tamanu infused blend to dramatically improve skin elasticity.

Tamanu used here for scars and stretchmarks reduction, and to renew a healthy  skin structure.

Organic Tamanu used for antiseptic and skin nourishing benefits.

Tamanu  here to stimulate fresh collagen production and aid in skin repair through antibacterial properties.

Organic Tamanu and Neem Oils combined into an eczema and even psoriasis treating stick. 

Concentrated formula created to protect, repair and moisturise face and body.

It turns out, majority of beauty products with Tamanu are designed to intensely repair, regenerate and restore skin's natural cell renewal abiltiy. Most certainly worth trying for maintaining every day skin health be it in its pure form or blended with other pure ingredients.
If you know of a product with Tamanu Oil and itr isn't included in my list, please use comment box below to share your discovery.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Ethical Sustainable Fashion featuring Nomad by Elroy, Mo&Co, Cork Nature and Ruth Cross Studio

Introducing two different winter looks for those  who want to wear trendy and ethical clothing. During cold months it makes sense to be practical when choosing your outfit as there's no off the catwalk  frock worth wearing when you are freezing to the bone. Check out my picks featuring brands such as  Nomad by Elroy, Accessories from Mo&Co, Cork Nature and fabulous knitwear from Ruth Cross Studio.

Winter Force - Eco Casual Look

Men s fashion

Shoulder bag

Black turban

Made To Order Hand Knits — RUTH CROSS STUDIO

Ethical Sustainable Fashion ft Nomad by Elroy


Shoulder bag


Monday, 8 February 2016

Jason Power Smile Toothpaste Review

I must admit  I had been intending to try a healthier toothpaste for a while and never got to it until Nutricentre kindly offered Jason Power Smile Toothpaste to test. 

Being a natural products fanatic this paste got me really excited learning it's Sodium Laureth and Lauryl  Sulfates free. I  avoid that ingredient in my body washes. It's bad enough on the surface of the skin let alone inside of the mouth. I checked the ingredients' list of the leading toothpaste brand and yes, SLS was there. Never touching it again.

Jason Power Smile toothpaste comes in a sleek 85g tube. All the important information is in bullet points at the front, which helps quickly  identify what this product does. Flip cap is very practical when dispensing the paste onto a toothbrush.

A true treat to the mouth knowing so many wholesome botanicals are blended together to fight plaque, freshen breath, control tartar build up and whiten the teeth as well.Extracts of Parsley, Grapefruit, and Perillla Seed, Bamboo Stem Powder, Peppermint Oil and Aloe Vera, all of these in one natural formula to deliver desired results. 

I liked the clean minty flavour, keeping my breath fresh and cool and my mouth pleasantly soothed. It isn't one of those minty pastes that sting your tongue and make you lose the taste for an hour after using it. This paste brought an effective plaque removal and kept it off I think for longer than other makes. Little goes a long way here. What's more, it really id effective when it comes to keeping the teeth sensitivity free which I thought is a big plus. I will definitely be stocking up on  this Jason Power Smile Toothpaste very soon via Nutricentre.  It's on offer now so check it out too. 

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Eco Athlete's Must Have Kit

We all have a soft spot for beautiful things and for editors of this post,  eco, organic or recycled label spikes the appeal of everything tenfold. Check out our newest picks, carefully selected beauty, clothing, accessories and sports equipment that will make your aesthetic taste buds water and your practical approach get some of these for yourself. 

Eco Athlete's Must Have Kit


Clean, sporty and comfortable, that's what we think of this sweat top. It can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion

Beauty product

If you are an active type,  complicated skincare routines are not for you. With this set of three certified organic products, you get top to toe quick treatment without compromising on effectiveness nor quality of your skincare 
Mount Purious Set is definitely a must  have. Three Oils - Starflower, Rosehip and Tamanu are exactly what your skin needs for a total rejuvenation and resilience against harsh elements when training outdoors.

Beauty product

Made from recycled rice sacks, this Elephanr Branded bag is sure to become your favourite gym gear. It will add tons of pride carrying it around knowing the yellow and brown parts of this holdall is made from recycled motorbike seats. What a talking point in the changing room and inspiration to be eco and off the beaten path in terms of a make choice.

Fab & Fair Ethical Rugby Ball Beautiful Goods Sourced With Care

With Six Nations locking their horns on rugby field on Saturday, why not try some passes in your local park for yourself. To do that, you need a rugby ball and we recommend going down the new rugby experience with ethically manufactured ball from Fab&Fair.

Friday, 29 January 2016


Brand  new giveaway is here to give you a chance to try some of the best natural beauty products available. This time, we have a top quality products from Phenomé that uses science to bring the best out of nature. The lucky winner will get a set comprising Contouring Body Cream, Smoothing Body Serum and Body Scrub that can help you take your skincare regime to the next level of effectiveness and enjoyment. To enter follow this link and start celebrating HEALTHIER SKINCARE CHOICES

 Don't forget to put a comment in the box below and let us know about your New Year's beauty routine...or anything you'd like. 
Plus, check out our latest Tried, Tested and Recommended Natural Skincare Products.

Can you find natural skincare in your local beauty store Boots?

I have always been overwhelmed by the abundance of brands and products that high street beauty stores have on offer. Since turning organic though, my choice has dropped significantly with shelves of skincare I could no longer consider.
I decided to walk through the aisles and see whether there are products with better formulas, that use organic ingredients that avoid harsh synthetics.

Take a look at what I discovered in Boots.

YES to
Growing in popularity brand that continues to squeze the best out of different fruit and vegetables occupies Boots' two main sections, face skincare and body care. The lines have a prominent position amongst other brands and offer four different types - Yes to carrots, Yes to cucumbers, Yes to Gapefruit and Yes to blueberries. Face creams and serums were a standard size at competitive price compared to L'oreal or No 7 whereas body washes, although larger (500ml bottles) than other makes, they were priced at £9.99 which was much higher to what we are used to pay for a shower gel.
Although looking at them for a long time, I didn't  buy any Yes to products. With up to 98% natural formulations, I didn't trust the brand with their ingredients list stating Fragrance(Parfum)which to me is an indication of a synthetic scent.

This range of organic soaps caught my eye with its neat branding and it really gets the message across sitting in between the likes of Dove or Imperial Leather that, if you pick Little Soap, you are getting much natural skin cleansing experience. Free from sulphites thus non-irritating and keeping skin's natural protective lipid layer in place, there was no other soap I was going to consider. I picked English Lavender and Citrus which provided a great amount of satisfaction on purchase plus a natural bath staple lasting for over a month.  

Next up, was a discovery of body washes, bath soaks and shampoos that are free from sulphates, parabens and petrochemicals by Kind Natured. Due to a very affordable price, I bought  an Ylang Ylang & Sage Shampoo and Sea Salt & Bergamot Body Wash. Both products smelled lovely, lathered beautifully and lasted for a long time. The shampoo stood out also with its strands nourishing properties which made my hair easy to style. Also,these products have a rich list of botanical extracts which makes Kind Natured a really good value for money.

That's all I found in my local Boots but the choice of organic skincare stretches out to baby products, with Weleda, Tiddley Pom and Sophie the Giraffe online. I would love to learn about your experiences with your local pahrmacies and what products you've discovered. Please share your thoughts in the comment box below.

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Eco and Organic Winter Picks

Eco and Organic Winter PicksCheck out these warm and cosy items I am sure we all desire during this wintry cold season. Comfort socks, cosy blanket or body heat protecting hat, we can't really be without them, especially when  the temperatures are set to drop again. 
Enjoy browsing through these exciting shops that offer very  different, quality and eco friendly accesssories and homeware.