Ethical Activewear - Eco Athlete Look

Make sure you check out these newest finds for this relaxed look from very exciting and very green brands. ETHLETIC offer on trend sneakers for an enviable street style buy. There's nothing better than a pair of GOSSYPIUM joggers offered in a rainbow of colours and the basic soft T-shirt from HOODLAMB can be your staple basic when trying to do on season layering.
To finish this all green and sustainable look, do it with SEA SHEPHERD funky and warm  hoodie. Bring on the ECO ATHLETE to life.
You can find many of these exciting ethical brands on AMBEROOT - a very informative website promoting sustainable lifestyle and an eco online shop.

Ethical Activewear - Eco Athlete Look



T shirt

How to keep your summer tan naturally?

Unless you are lucky enough to travel somewhere exotic in the coming months, you have already started worrying about losing that beautiful sun kissed tan. At Pamper Point, we have a few tips for you to use now if you wish to look fabulous all the way until New Year's Eve.

If you have used  scrubs to prepare your skin before sunbathing season, you probably went for nut shell or salt based products. Now that skin is golden brown, you should concentrate on exfoliating in a kinder way, by using natural clay for instance. Green and pink clay based wraps on a body will exfoliate, draw out impurities without affecting your tan. We recommend French Green Illite Clay or mud based products. Our finds to do the job are Fango Purificante by Borghese and PuSoma 


Even though you'd instinctively go for a specific tan boosting supplement to maximise the effects of sun bathing both pre- and post season, we highly recommend you take a different approach. Focus on trying to nourish your skin from within by finding a skin supplement formulated with super foods, herbs, vitamins and minerals. Make sure your supplement contains a fair amount of naturally derived carotenoids (from red, orange and dark green fruit and vegetables) which protect the skin from free radicals and keeps the melanin levels high.
Our latest find and point of talk is this Wild Nutrition Food-Grown Skin, Hair and Nails Supplement.

I still can't get over the fact that many women don't apply a quality body cream after every shower. It's like about 95 % of your skin left out without proper care. You wouldn't do it to your face, would you?
If you are looking to keep that summer tan naturally and safely (no tan beds or chemical ladden spray tans) work on making body hydration an every day habit and use quality nourishing butters and balms.

Find our recommendations below...

Bad Soap, Good Soap - How to find a truly natural bar?

How to best start a new month if you have just decided you are going to switch to natural skincare? Begin with cleaning up the basic toiletry  - like soap. Regular  soaps, even though effective in removing dirt and refreshing the body, they strip skin's natural protective lipid layer which results in dryness, itchiness, ageing and various irritations.

What to look at when picking a quality natural soap? Firstly, you need to decide what type of soap you are happy to use. Is it going to be plant oil or animal fat based? Is it going to be made from natural ingredients or will you allow some synthetics in it? Finally, do you want your soap simply cleanse or would you prefer it to have other benefits for the skin?
All of these questions are important to identify what exactly goes on your skin during bath time. Considering the fact that  my readers' preference would be as natural as possible, please find a few points below to help you pick the best option.

1. Avoid soaps that have lard or  tallow. (Sodium Tallowate) These are two animal derived fats used traditionally in soap making but they will draw all moisture out of skin and strip it from the protective film our skin naturally produces. You don't want that.
2. Plant derived oils commonly used in soap making are palm kernel oil (Sodium Palmate) and Coconut oil (Sodium Cocoate). Although made from plants, during a saponification process ( chemical reaction between oil and alkaline i.e. sodium hydroxide commonly known as lye ) they also draw the good oils out from our skin making it highly vulnerable to harsh elements.
3. Sodium Isethionate, Sodium Lauryl Isethionate are detergents. They are synthetically obtained ingredients and are the worst cleansing choice for someone who wants to improve their skin condition. 
4. Castile Soap is used to name a soap  made from vegetable oils. Originally, it would be a soap made from 100 percent olive oil. It is kinder to the skin but because it doesn't lather easily, it is often mixed with detergents, foaming agents and other oils which makes the end product not natural and not good for your skin at all.
5. Look out for addition of moisturising butters like shea, kukui, cacao, 
6. Make sure the fragrance always comes from natural essential oils.  Just term "fragrance" won't guarantee natural origin of the scent.
7. Colourants are often used to make the bar more attractive to the eye but they are not recommended for a health conscious individual. As soon a you read a colour and the number next to it, expect a big load of toxins in the form of dye mixed with a fair amount of parabens as a preservative. The only colourants you can allow in your soap of choice should be those from plants, herbs, spices and clays  that on top of an appealing colour, they offer skin nourishing and conditioning action.

 To conclude, as traditionally made soap will usually have negative effect on  texture and moisture levels of our skin, it would be best to switch to other cleansers. Have you heard of African Black Soap? This is a brand new take on what's traditionally known as soap for the American or European consumer. No alkaline chemical solutions are used in production of this soap. Instead, it is made from locally harvested plants (shea tree bark, cocoa pods, palm leaves, plantain) that are dried, roasted and with addition of natural butters and water, you get a beautiful, all natural and organic cleansing bar with a litany of benefits. Here are a few:

1. It is made from the purest components available and full of essential minerals, vitamins and antioxidants beneficial to our skin.
2. It is free from dyes, synthetics, artificial fragrance and preservatives
3. It is renowned for its healing properties, treating various skin conditions such as eczema, acne and 
4. It naturally foams into a rich lather
5. It is safe to use on face and extremely effective when used as makeup remover.
6. It gently removes impurities revealing healthy looking, radiant complexion
7. It protects skin's natural lipid barrier and is gentle enough to use on sensitive skin

Be aware that there are many fake black soap bars available now. They are usually dyed with charcoal and are made in Europe and USA. Authentic African Black Soap will be light to dark brown in colour with white patches. If in doubt, it makes sense to contact the seller and ask how they source their black soap.

Our "go to"  retailers would be AKOMA  and SHEATERRA ORGANICS
You can check them out by following the above links

Best Natural Beauty Products to try this Season

With new season at a doorstep, it's time for prepping our skincare routines to suit upcoming months of changeable weather, to make sure we can keep healthy supple skin, be it during colder temperatures or windy days. Here at Pamper Point, we dabbed, applied, lathered up and rubbed a few exciting natural beauty products that we can't wait to tell you about.

This light textured but rich in skin renewing ingredients will satisfy even the most demanding skincare routines out there, when it comes to after summer care, holiday tan maintenance or deep moisturising, this cream delivers all that. It created a serious buzz around our office, a must try if you are on the look out for a night cream right now.

Luxuriously soothing body wash working on your skin and the senses in a holistic way brought an unanimous wave of positive reviews within our team. Its liquid honey texture and powerful aroma of Lemon Balm, Neroli and Ylang Ylang delivered a desired effect of inner peace and sensual content. The skin felt silkier as well. Without a question, one of the best body washes out there in terms of quality and benefits.

As you know, at Pamper Point we take body care even more seriously than face care. This season, be sure to try this spectacular balsam by Rahua. Everything about this silky lotion is right up there, from ease of application,softening and smoothing, through to visible skin toning effect. The formula packs a punch by blending exotic actives like the unique Ungurahua Oil, Sacha Inci, Palo Santo, Japanese Honesuckle, altogether they create a serious recovery treatment for sun damaged and aged skin. WEfound it on NATURISIMO.COM and we're totally obsessed.

It is so difficult to find that perfect day cream that works for specific skin type, keeps the skin fresh and is suitable under a make up too. Pamper Point discovered all that in this carefully formulated Ila Spa Day Cream. Impressive results after just one application, where instant radiance is revealed together with skin's immediate comfort of deep nourishment without the heaviness of a regular rich cream. We found it trying to look for a moisturiser that would be more than a sunflower oil based emollient spruced up with a few essential oils. Ils Spa Day Cream is a masterpiece of all skincare formulations we have ever come across. Hero ingredients - Rosa Damascena Leaf Cel Extract, Wild Grown Rosehip Seed and Cactus Oil. Discover ILA SPA HERE

Soft gourmet fragrance with notes of honeysuckle, rose and lily of the valley wrapped in an enveloping accord of vanilla. I can't praise this one enough for its lasting powers, unadulterated scent extracted from 88% of  natural sources that lifts both senses and the spirit in an instant. Available in full range from MYPURE.COM

Raw, Organic Pana Chocolate Review - Featuring Three Flavours that will Blow You Away.

How about some revelations from raw foods category? It is not often that I actually write about snacks and treats but on this occasion I had to make an exception. That's because I have had the privilege to taste some of the healthiest chocolates ever created, guilt free, organic, gluten free, vegan, with no added sugar selection of goodness from Pana Chocolate. Out of two boxes of exciting flavours I selected three that tasted exceptionally delicious and original. 

My very first time with this exhilarating combination of sweet and spicy flavours got me to rethink what a chocolate should taste like. This is nothing like I have tried before, made me go back for seconds and a 45g bar disappearing in one sitting. With 50% of raw cocoa, this is a serious antioxidant and magnesium injection to the body.

If I had to pick just one flavour from the range, it would be this balanced and smooth mix of 60% raw cocoa solids, sour cherry with vanilla beans. Even the most demanding connoisseurs will appreciate this velvety texture and addictive richness of this variety. Sent my palates to chocolatey heaven. Must try, especially if you are looking for new healthier option of a very satisfying dessert.

Mint has always been my least favourite flavour to be blended in with  chocolate but in this case, indulgent yet refreshing sensations are everything but off putting. With my afternoon cup of coffee, this bar created a seriously energising duo. It had a mood boosting effect on me too. Only half a 45g  bar at a  time and I was rearing to do the up hill sprint intervals too. Check it out if you are in need of a physical pick me up.

Natural Organic Beauty Products with Tamanu Oil you haven't discovered yet

As Tamanu Oil is becoming more and more popular amongst natural skincare makers, I decided to check what products are there on the markets that include Tamanu Oil and what they  can do to our skin. The list comprises products from all parts of the world and of course, they all fall into natural and organic category.

With Chilean Rosehip, Tamanu and Red Clover. Tamanu is within this formula for its restorative properties especially ability to new skin  tissue production.

Fomulated with Tamanu as a main hair moisturising ingredient. For all hair types. 

Tamanu to treat acne by balancing sebum production. 

Tamanu infused blend to dramatically improve skin elasticity.

Tamanu used here for scars and stretchmarks reduction, and to renew a healthy  skin structure.

Organic Tamanu used for antiseptic and skin nourishing benefits.

Tamanu  here to stimulate fresh collagen production and aid in skin repair through antibacterial properties.

Organic Tamanu and Neem Oils combined into an eczema and even psoriasis treating stick. 

Concentrated formula created to protect, repair and moisturise face and body.

It turns out, majority of beauty products with Tamanu are designed to intensely repair, regenerate and restore skin's natural cell renewal abiltiy. Most certainly worth trying for maintaining every day skin health be it in its pure form or blended with other pure ingredients.
If you know of a product with Tamanu Oil and itr isn't included in my list, please use comment box below to share your discovery.

Ethical Sustainable Fashion featuring Nomad by Elroy, Mo&Co, Cork Nature and Ruth Cross Studio

Introducing two different winter looks for those  who want to wear trendy and ethical clothing. During cold months it makes sense to be practical when choosing your outfit as there's no off the catwalk  frock worth wearing when you are freezing to the bone. Check out my picks featuring brands such as  Nomad by Elroy, Accessories from Mo&Co, Cork Nature and fabulous knitwear from Ruth Cross Studio.

Winter Force - Eco Casual Look

Men s fashion

Shoulder bag

Black turban

Made To Order Hand Knits — RUTH CROSS STUDIO

Ethical Sustainable Fashion ft Nomad by Elroy


Shoulder bag